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Peters Shoemakers and Restorers based in the Nottingham City Centre area, came to me with a basic, bland and somewhat confusing online configuration consisting of two websites. The first used for informational purposes, displaying things about the business such as contact information and about pages. The second site was the E-commerce store where they were trying to sell products in the shop to the rest of the world.

There were a number of limitations to this project, the most important of which being the platform restriction. It was initially thought it best to move the client to a Shopify E-commerce store, however due to budget constraints, we elected to stay with the included Vend E-Commerce solution.

Vend are currently phasing out their E-commerce offering and are recommending that users of their POS system move to an alternative provider. Due to this, the platform is somewhat lacking in basic features and templates. It was therefore decided that I would implement a custom-built template in the Shopify Liquid templating language.

Bootstrap 4 was used as the styling backbone for the site to ensure it would be responsive from the start. Some features required custom Javascript be written including the product autoloading feature and contact form submission.

Vend also decided to disable their inbuilt HTML contact from without informing any of their users which was lovely of them. To work around this, I redirected the form submission to POST to my own hosted website where the form submissions would be checked and formatted into an email that could be sent over to the client shop for them to check.

I could talk all day about issues and solutions that were implemented to get this to work, but it would be a long post. The outcome of all the blood, sweat and tears was a fully working site built on top of a lacking platform to produce a product the client was happy with which fully integrated with there till system, syncing stock levels and changes on the fly.

If you want more technical information or would like me to go into more details about the plethora of issues I have had with Vend regarding there awful E-commerce platform, then give me a message or leave a comment.

To view the finished website (or to buy a great quality pair of shoes) please click the link here.

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Terry Lewis

2020-07-23 20:31:07

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