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This is a post detailing features of the project you are currently viewing this content on. Around 5 years ago, I decided to create a website which could serve as both an online blog and also a means of demonstrating my skills by showing past projects I have worked on or been involved with. This resulted in the creation of my first online Portfolio which was initially built with basic PHP.

Naturally, there were some limitations and a few bugs. I noticed just how much time I was putting into making basic functionality work correctly such as logins and posts with related comments. The site evolved through several iterations, to where it is today.

This version of the site is built using the Object Orientated, Model View Controller based Laravel Framework, specifically version 5.8. This was decided due to the current popularity surrounding this framework in the development community.

Laravel is a powerful framework which was built with security and rapid development in mind which made it perfect for this project as I did not want to spend to much time on elements which have already been developed to a much higher quality that what I could do in a short amount of time such as a login and register module.

Laravel makes it easy to implement advanced functionality such as multi-level user access and protected routes with relational dependencies easily added such as linking comments to posts or categories to posts all of which have been added to this site.

Current Features

- View Posts

- Admin Login

- Download Project Sourcecode

- Categories and Tags

- Admin tools (create, edit and update)

- Post Comments

- Contact

- Picture carousel for projects NEW

- Sort posts by categories NEW

The above modules and functionality have been implemented as part of version 1.0 of the project which is also available on my bitbucket repository for those interested. As I go on to revise this, I will add to this post new features and why I chose to implement them as well as talking about issues I’ve had and how I solved them.

Features I am Working On

-Picture carousel for projects

-Powerful search

-Sort posts by categories

-Comment threads on posts

-Better separation of files and relationships

-More admin features

This is just an introduction to the project for now, but please keep an eye out for updates. To help me develop the site, if you find any issues or have any improvements you would like to see, please fill out the contact form to let me know.


- Connor

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